Saturday, 23 August 2014


Hye and Assalamualaikum to all my blogger's friend. sorry if this message make you all feel discomfort.
I just wanna tell you this :
Actually I just an ordinary student that come from a High Profile School, somewhere in Malaysia. In order to carry on and support our school Pre-University project a.k.a W.A.L.L (Web-assisted Language Learning) that will be present and launch somewhere in Putrajaya on November, our MUET's teacher (Malaysian University English Test) , asked us to have at least an English pen pal to improve our proficiency in English language. So, anyone here interested?? 
It is just for our learning actually (as students), not something to do with any professional matter. One of our MUET's teacher, will also fly to Korea in December. my classmates will have pen pal from Korean later. 
if you okay, can I know your age and full name? Do add my Facebook account, 'Nabila Amir (Nis)'  Thank you.

Monday, 18 August 2014

abah sanggup beli motor baru and a cute mini aquaria utk nis, rasanya. sbb abah tahu yang nis suka warna biru dan ikan. mama pula hari-hari masak makanan yg nis suka, tapi nis jarang2 sentuh makanan tu sebab tak lalu makan. did they already know that all my smiles were actually fake, before? I cant lie anymore. forgive me abah, mama. I feel guilty. Only get 6A for SPM. didt get any matriculation nor IPTA.
only STPM my last chance, to prove that I can be like them one day !